10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

The sleek and slender profiles of aluminium windows offer endless architectural opportunities, particularly when a minimalist or industrial look is desired. Able to mimic the look of steel and achieve excellent thermal performance, aluminium profiles are ideal not only for renovation and restoration projects, but also projects ranging from residences to today’s most ambitious civic projects.

Take a look below at 10 inspirational examples of sleek aluminium solutions, architecturally designed to perfection.

10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

Architect: Marlies Rohmer

1. Bloemhof

This project is all about contrasts. Containing 56 starter residences and 1450m² of commercial spaces, ornamental brick façades create a timeless effect. But architect Marlies Rohmer specifically did not want to create a historic building. Here, sleek and modern aluminium frames contrast strikingly against the coarser facade elements.


10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

7even Gardens
Architect: Jaspers Eyers Architects

2. 7even Gardens

An urban oasis of residential units, offices and shops located within a former cigar factory, architect Jasper Eyers aimed to protect the original character of the building whilst introducing modern elements. Existing columns and technical features remain to retain the industrial look. To mimic the original look of steel windows, a slender aluminium profile system measuring just 40mm in width was chosen. The system has the added benefit of satisfying modern energy conservation requirements.


10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

Architect: Libor Hrdousek & Radek Lampa (Atelier 15)

3. Crystal

In Prague, Crystal takes on a chessboard appearance, unifying the building façades and further creating the effect of a crystal by reflecting and refracting light. A standard aluminium profile system could not be used here so custom elements were made, including corners and channels. The shape of these profiles was prepared using 3D models of the desired forms.


10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

Cartwrigth Gardens
Maccreanor Lavington Architects
T.P. Bennett

4. Cartwright Gardens

Elegant aluminium glazing profiles were used in this central London residential block. In addition to extremely slender aluminium profile sections, perforated aluminium screens located to the sides of the windows incorporate an insulated panel that can be opened for ventilation. Mimicking the look and feel of steel, the solution respects the style of more traditional steel-framed windows, while offering a thermally improved solution.


10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

Philips Light Tower
Architect: AWG Architecten

5. Philips Light Tower

A former factory used for manufacturing lightbulbs, the Light Tower has been transformed into a multi-purpose complex. The building was not only restorated, 3 new volumes were added to the existing site. In order to meet requirements of the Listed Buildings Authority, the windows had to be restored to their original state with steel frames. The windows also had to fulfill modern acoustic and thermal standards. As the original steel window frames were unable to meet these requirements, a sleek aluminium profile was chosen. Measuring just 48 mm wide, this profile closely resembles the original. The same profile was used in the three new volumes.


10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

The Brouwhuis
Architect: Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

6. The Brouwhuis

Located in Tilburg, the Brouwhuis blends into its environment. It is largely open on three sides thanks to the many windows and slim aluminium profiles used. These profiles were coated to create a matte, almost steel-like look. The open nature of these three facades contrasts beautifully against a solid wall of black stained planks.


10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

Buftea Residence
Architect: Razvan Oprescu (LLOX Architecten)

7. Buftea Residence

Inspired by the Mies van der Rohe principle of less is more, this single storey residence in Romania features spectacular floor-to-ceiling glazing and with slender aluminium frames that opens up to the natural surrounding and waterfront. Appearing to almost float, it is a great example of this modern master’s legacy.


10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

Barco One Campus
Architect: Jaspers Eyers Architects

8. Barco One Campus

Over 3,500m² of glass and aluminium were installed here in what is known as a reversed curtain wall façade. Where the structural element of the wall is positioned to the exterior of the building, with only narrow trim caps of the curtain wall visible to the interior. The effect of this solution is incredible transparency and great outward sightlines.


10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

Forest villa Voorschoten
Architect: architect eigen huis

9. Forest Villa Voorschoten

This clean lined house conceals aluminium windows largely behind wood. A curtain wall profile for the large window opening up to the side of the woods, a curtain profile on wood for the light strip in the roof, minimalist sliding windows for the terraces and standard front door windows were all made in one material - aluminium - thus enhancing the minimalism of the project.


10 Sleek Aluminium Windows Detailed to Perfection

Qatar National Convention Centre
Architect: Arata Isozaki

10. Qatar Convention Centre

Creating an incredible sense of spaciousness, an extended curtain wall system here allows for maximum amounts of daylight to illuminate the grand interior. Spanning up to 16m without additional support, the façade with both aluminium and steel components features stainless steel covers on the inside and it is reinforced with façades measuring 650mm in depth and covering 5500m².