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SlimLine 38 Ferro Alumínium ablakok - Villa Private House San Roque található Spanyolország

Private House San Roque

A luxury new development in San Roque, in the South of Spain. 
CW 60-SC Alumínium függönyfalak - Office building Office building Largo Augusto Milano található Milan, Olaszország

Office building Largo Augusto Milano

Functional redevelopment of an office building in the heart of Milan
Lakás komplexum 26 Pearl található Odessa, Ukrajna

26 Pearl

The main architectural challenge facing Reynaers Aluminium, as the developers of the façade solution, was to create the impression of a smooth glass surface, as if...
SlimLine 38 Classic  Alumínium ablakok és CP 130 (-LS) Emelő-toló Alumínium tolóajtók - Villa Villa Treviso található Treviso, Olaszország

Villa Treviso

The villa has been recently renovated in order to improve energy efficiency and living comfort, without modifying the important original architecture....
CW 50-HI Alumínium függönyfalak - Residental/Project Radisson Blu található Vila-real, Litvánia

Radisson Blu

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Vilnius is located in the heart of Lithuania’s capital on the banks of the River Neris....
CP 155 (-LS) Emelő-toló Alumínium tolóajtók, SlimLine 38 Alumínium ablakok és CS 77 Alumínium ablakok - Office building Office building Roma található Olaszország

Office building Roma

For the renovation of the attic, the architects of studio Valle 3.0, who were in charge of the project, worked closely with the fabricator Perla in order to find the righ...
CF 77 harmonika alumínium ajtó Alumínium tolóajtók és CS 77 Alumínium ajtók - Lakás komplexum Groene Toren Eindhoven található Eindhoven, Hollandia

Groene Toren Eindhoven

The former office building de Groene Toren, built in 1974 after a design by architect Dick van Mourik, has been converted into homes and a hotel....

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CW 50-SC Alumínium függönyfalak és CP 155 (-LS) Emelő-toló Alumínium tolóajtók - Hanover Quay #5 található Dublin, Írország

Hanover Quay #5

An office building with view on the Liffey Lake on the Grand Canal docks in Dublin city.
CS 77 Alumínium ablakok - AND Pastel található Istanbul, Törökország

AND Pastel

AND Pastel combines the courtyard neighbourhood and urban life. This project is a microcosm, a miniature of something much larger. 
CW 50 Alumínium függönyfalak, CS 68 Alumínium ablakok, CS 59 Alumínium ablakok és CP 155 (-LS) Emelő-toló Alumínium tolóajtók - Lakás komplexum Kuzu Kumru található Ankara, Törökország

Kuzu Kumru

By combining residential and commercial spaces in one of the busiest location in Ankara, Kumru Ankara aims to add colour to urban life.
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